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The Church Of Arcade Fire
Anberlin Along
Amy Grant Leaves Word
"Gospel" Music In The Spotlight As GMA Week Opens...
Artist: We're just not a Christian rock band. Our faith completely informs what we do. But 'Christian musicians'? We're that, but not just that'
'Jars of Clay back up their Christian message with good deeds'
Times Are Good For Al Green
Lackluster Switchfoot
A Visit With Relient K
The End Of CCM As We Know It
Hip Hop Artists & Imus
Five Score & Seven Years Ago
The Contradiction of Relient K
Switchfoot Awakening
Ready For Closeup: Cold War Kids New Vid
P.O.D. Recording Next Album
Deconstructing Dylan

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Would Jesus Listen To Christian Rock?
Daily Variety On Christians In Rock
Will Chris Go CCM
Pillar Bus Breaks Down
Relient K: Honesty & Openness
Switchfoot's Good Vibrations
Q&A With Relient K
Biola University Hosts First Annual Music & Media Conference....
....Does Christian Music Still Exist?
Washington Post On Cold War Kids: 'Salvation may be on the Kids' ultimate agenda, but for now they're just battling -- awkwardly but compellingly -- through what the latter song terms "the muck and the mire.''
Sufjan & Calvin
Switchfoot Surfing For Spirituality
USA Today Discovers Derek Webb
The Jesuits & Tom Waits
Bono: Rock Star As Theologian?
Sufjan Stevens' Friend Rock
Arcade Fire's Grand Opening
The Fray Roars: 'We don't call ourselves a Christian band because that term has so many connotations, and people can take it the wrong way. We make music that represents what we believe in and we just think the term 'Christian band' can be very limiting. We want to play to as many people as we can. We're musicians first, not pastors or preachers'
The Switch
Hot: Relient K Debuts @ #6 On Billboard Album Chart
Of God & Rock 'n' Roll
Arcade Fire to Bono: 'Sorry, We're Too Tired'
Dan Haseltine Speaks His Mind: Sex, War & The Grammy's
Skillet Cooks Up Mainstream Success
USA Today Reviews Tobymac CD
USA Today On Arcade Fire & Relient K
Arcade Fire: Little Big Band
Switchfoot's Hope
Holy Hip Hop
Anberlin On Late, Late Show
Tobymac Sells 52,000 Records; Debuts @ #10
Billboard Mag On MercyMe Single: A song so exceptionally inspired, one must wonder if MercyMe has divine connection with the melodic gods'
Switchfoot Encourages Bootleggers
Natasha Bedingfield Won't Strip For Success
No Partying For Oscar Winner Jennifer Hudson
Tobymac's Portable Sounds
Relient K's Thiessen Opens Up
Switchfoot Head Over Heels For Fans
The Death Of MTV
Johnny Lang: Gritty & Gangly
Switchfoot Keeps The Faith
Switchfoot Surfs Toward Success
NBC + Krystal Meyers
Mainstream?: Amazing Grace Soundtrack Features All CCM Lineup
Switchfoot's Inquisitive Frontman
Relient K Draws Fans From Both Markets
Flyleaf Singer Speaks
Switchfoot: Sweet & Sour
P.O.D. Signs with INO/Columbia: Band To Own Masters
The Return of Stacie Orrico
Critic On Switchfoot: 'It's been a while since we were treated to a good rendition of the Midas story, but to cross it with Faust? Sheer genius, my friends, sheer genius'
Apple vs. The Record Biz
Sufjan Stevens....Live
The Fray, Mutemath Join Forces
Prince Causes A Scene
Confessions Of A Newsboy
The Rock Star & The Journalist
Cold War Kids Face Secular Fundamentalist Rock Journalists
U2 Flashback: 1982 Interview With Journalist Terry Mattingly Unearthed
Fischer: In Brian Wilson's Room
Underoath Busted
U2 Brings Rock To Religion
Johnny Lang Keeps The Faith
Rolling Stone On Switchfoot: 'Beats The Crap Out of Creed....But Still'
Thrice Singer Goes Solo
EMICMG Slashes Jobs
Back To The Subculture: TBN Launches Faux American Idol 'Gifted'
Website Outs 'Gay Bands'.....Kansas, Sufjan Stevens, Cole Porter....
Switchfoot Set 'A Very Good Album'
Johnny Lang Rejects Gospel Tag: 'I know the record lyrically touches on some sort of Gospel stuff, but I don't consider it a Gospel record.... I guess (it's) probably soul music'
Switchfoot Defies Gravity
Bono To Pen Book
Conan O'Brien Shocker: 'I love you Jesus, but only as a friend. You touched my heart but I hope that’s where the touchin’ ends. You’re lookin’ over me when I need a higher power, but look at somethin’ else, when I’m in the shower'
MxPx: Starting Over
Here Come The Christians.....
The Fray Enters The Scene
Amy Lee: Counselor?
Ready For Download: P.O.D.'s SD Chargers Anthem
Suffering From Bono Fatigue?
Sufjan Hits The Big Screen
Spin Mag on Switchfoot: 'Oh! Gravity is their liveliest record, full of dive-bombing guitar fuzz, juicy arena-alt choruses, and...art-rock ear candy. Your turn, Satan'
David Crowder Band MSN's Band of The Year: Edges Out INXS, Prince, Christina Aguliera and Kenny Chesney
Critic: Best Albums of '06: Dylan, Springsteen, Petty, Cash...& Leigh Nash
Paper Slams Switchfoot: '...Crappy, whiney, confessional post-grunge so many other sh**** bands have played in the same shh**** way'
P.O.D. Writes Song For San Diego Chargers
Cold War Kids Hit The Road
USA Today On Switchfoot: 'Maybe the members of Switchfoot still haven’t found what they’re looking for, but they’re masking their youthful desperation with handclaps and using catchier-than-ever choruses to couch their frustration with success, excess and tech stress'
Sufjan Stevens, Emmylou Harris To Calvin....
..Flyleaf To Cornerstone
Switchfoot Sells 63,000 In Opening Week; 2nd Highest Debut @ #18
Album Sales Down, Digital Sales Up
Creed Singer Stapp Welcomes Daughter
Associated Press On Switchfoot: 'An outstanding record in every sense'
Mindy Smith: Redemption Songs
The Beatles' Spiritual Journey
Washington Post On 2007 Trends: 'In: Cold War Kids!'
Switchfoot: Moody & Inspirational
National Review: Christmas Music-The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
P.O.D. Confirms Rockrebel Report: Reveals Details of Lineup Change-Marcos Asks To Rejoin, Truby Asks To Leave... @ The Same Moment
Flashback: Dec. 17th....
A Visit With Switchfoot
Sufjan On Christmas: 'I'm interested in reconciling this phenomenal event -- the incarnation of God--with Santa Claus and blue-light specials at Kmart and the weird preoccupation we have with buying a lot of junk and giving it to each other..'
Jars Frontman Roars: 'Christian' is a label that has no musical basis... arbitrary and uncharacteristic of genre labels (which) are used to describe a musical style....there is an assumption that has been perpetuated by critics who want to use the label. Why make a 'genre" descriptor based on a worldview?'
Critic On Switchfoot New Set: 'No overt references, though Christian ideals are nonetheless communicated'
Freak: dcTalk Re-releases Groundbreaking Album
Relient K: Ready To Roll
Critic On Daniel Smith/Sufjan Stevens: 'A rock rebel whose rebellion is the result of faith, imagination, and a stable, encouraging home life'
Switchfoot Singer: The Meaning Behind The Songs
60 Minutes Interviews Dylan; Asks Fans To Vote For Favorite Song
P.O.D. Musical Chairs; Truby Leaves; Marcos Returns
....The Photo.....
P.O.D. Releases Greatest Hits CD; Liner Notes 'So So'
What Dylan Is Not
Switchfoot Readies New Album, Gets Set To Tour
Tollbooth On Mutemath
P.O.D. Singer Sonny Sandoval Testifies....
..Critics Attack
Plugged In On Timberlake: 'Pinup idol-turned-playboy'
Switchfoot Tackles Big Questions
Switchfoot's Audience Of One
Evanescence's Open Door
Getting To Know Bob Dylan
Flyleaf Goes Gold
Mindy Smith Stays True
Robert Randolph Colorblind
P.O.D. Releases Greatest Hits Record
Switchfoot To Europe
Stapp Mishap
Mindy Smith @ Home
Robert Randolph Cheered
Sufjan Stevens Does Christmas
Artists Pay Tribute To Johnny Cash

Dylan: Raw
The Mystical Jars of Clay
Flyleaf Breaks The Mold
Bono Goes Red
Evanescence 's Open Door
Cross Rhythms On Jars of Clay's Monsters
Time Magazine Discovers Praise & Worship In 2006
Christianity Today Picks '06 Favorites; Jars Tops
11.6%? GMA Claims Growth In 'Gospel Music'
Al Green Testifies
MxPx Says No To Tooth & Nail
Switchfoot's Gravity
MxPx: Let's Rock
The Fray To Perform @ The Billboard Music Awards
The Tolerant Elton John: 'I Would Ban Religion Completely''

Sufjan Stevens: Under A Bushel?
Alice Cooper Book On The Way
Switchfoot Debuts New Video @ Yahoo!
The Fray Hits The College Circuit
Jars Of Clay @ Pepperdine
The Fray Sets Hearts Racing
Wash Times: Christians Rock
Dylan Finds His Voice
MTV: Switchfoot Gets Weighty
Billboard on "Christian Band" Switchfoot
Flashback: Switchfoot "We're Christian by Faith, Not By Genre"
Phil Keaggy Slams Christian Rock Biz: 'I got squeezed out along with a lot of the other original artists, because they were just out to sell records, and I didn’t really fit the image. I was too religious for the world, and too worldly for the religious'
Critic On Johnny Lang: 'Blues guitar aficionados take note: Jonny Lang plays gospel now, so set this one back down in the contemporary Christian radio bin'
The Fray Gets Serious
U2 @ Church
The Killers Take On Green Day
Johnny Lang's New Life
MTV: Dumb & Dumber
Switchfoot Raises The Bar
Will Apple Come After P.O.D.?
Here Come The Mormons! The Killers Meet The World
Switchfoot Preview More Tracks
Paper On Sufjan: 'Critics worship him and likely comprise the majority of buyers for the 191,000 copies of Illinoise he's sold'
The Danielson Famile Gets Free
Dylan: Modern Times
Critic: Good Monsters: Good But Not Great
Robert Randolph In Living Color
Skillet Readies New Release
Christians In Rock: The Stealth Strategy
Rocker Larry Norman Looks Back: 'During the next several decades, I believe the heavy hand of commerce and greed slowly choked many a bewildered young Christian singer'
Mag: Big Labels 'ramping up their bid to recruit God in their war against their own customers whom they're trying to sue into buying 'product'
P.O.D. Readies Greatest Hits CD; New Song
Evanescence At The Top
Mindy Smith's Long Island Shores
Cooper's Rep
Flyleaf Roars: 'If it wasn't for being saved by Jesus, I would not be alive. I would be dead. Some people say Jesus saved their soul... Well, maybe Jesus saved my soul spiritually, but He also saved my life physically'
Switchfoot Singer Goes Solo For Invisible Children
Stapp Feeling The Music
NME Previews Sufjan
Tollbooth: The Gospel According To The Beatles
Plugged In On Dashboard: 'Sentimental poetry...chronicling a series of seasonal flings
Critic On Pillar: 'I discovered they are a Christian act....one thing I have realized over the years is once a band is labeled Christian, it is usually a death knell for any popularity'
The Fray: How To Save A Life
Jars of Clay Hits The Road With Leigh Nash
Get Religion On USA Today 'Gospel' Labeling of Jars of Clay
Lifehouse Hangs Tough
Alice Cooper: Mr. Nice Guy
Johnny Lang: 'I Hated Christianity'
Sufjan Stevens' 'Gorgeous Wonder'
WSJ On Body Piercing Saved My Life & Righteous
Jars of Clay Fans Battle USA Today: Music Editor Ken Barnes Reviews
Pop/Rockers Jars Of Clay In 'Gospel' Section: Fans respond: 'Was it necessary to segment them from all the other reviews with the 'Gospel' tag?'
Flashback: USAT Reviews Jars of Clay's 'Eleventh Hour' In Pop/Rock Section
Flashback II: NRO: Singer 'contacted USA Today's entertainment editor and requested a review in the pop/rock section. The paper obliged, but at the cost of a frosty review-and a confrontational interview by the same reporter, in another publication'
Flashback III: USAT Reviewer: 'Are you emailing a lot of editors about their coverage plans for The Eleventh Hour? Haseltine: 'I'll send as many emails to editors as I have to'
Author Beaujon On MercyMe's 'I Can Only Imagine: 'The prospect of Heaven as a never-ending worship-music service is enough to keep me agnostic'
Switchfoot's 'Dirty, Second Hands'
NY Post: 'It's almost become cool to claim that you're Christian these days. Just don't go too far and actually say you're a Christian band'
U2: A Portrait
Johnny Lang: Turnaround
Switchfoot Surfing USA
Uprising Fest Uplifting
MxPx Join Forces With Hometown
Review: The Gospel According To The Beatles
Busted Halo Interviews 'Body Piercing Saved My Life' Author
The Inspirational Johnny Lang
The Fray Roars: 'There are some... bands out there that ...are really good at making Christian music for Christians...but...we’re called to make music for...unchurched people and hopefully speak a bit of life into them'
P.O.D. To Release Greatest Hits Record
Bono's One Campaign
Universal Vs. YouTube
A Visit With Stavesacre
Rolling Stone: 'The Genius of Bob Dylan'
U2 Coming To Superdome
The Fray Hits The Road
Leigh Nash: 'Everything I do is coloured by the way I feel about God'God Rock Lures Universal
Philosophy Rocks (In India)
Artist Christians Write Lyrics With Wide Appeal
Black Eyed Peas' Fergie: 'I don't sleep around, and I want to show girls that you don't have to give it away - it should be a precious gift'
Lyrics: Black Eyed Peas 'My Humps'
Flyleaf No Novelty
Switchfoot Ready For The Road
Being Al Green
Alice Cooper: 'You Cannot Shock An Audience Anymore
Switchfoot Gets Dirty
Flyleaf: Match Made In Heaven
Dylan Tops The Charts; First Time Since 1976
Rolling Stone Baffled By 'The Strange Marriage Of Rock & Rapture'

Sufjan: Behind The Music
Parsing Dylan's Riddles
Gospel Of The Fab Four
Johnny Cash: He Being Dead, Yet Speaks
Warner Losses Narrow
Dan Haseltine's Confession: 'I am my own worst pop music station, constantly telling myself what I want to hear—and coming up with creative ways to do it'
Universal To Offer Songs For Free
Flyleaf Gets Personal
Megadeth Frontman Mustaine Blasts U.N. On Next Album
Johnny Cash: From The Grave
Dylan's Times
Johnny Lang's Turnaround
Switchfoot Album 'Oh! Gravity' Due 12/26
P.O.D. Explains Label Split
USA Today On Leigh Nash's 'Blue On Blue'
Critic On Dylan's New Set: 'The 10-song album is also laced with repeated references to God and sometimes ominous allusions to judgment day'
Switchfoot Gets Hometown Nods
Dylan 'Beginning to Believe What The Scriptures Say'
Thank You Madonna!
The Legendary Al Green
The Literate Flyleaf
God-Rockers Go Mainstream
Johnny Cash: Cornball?
John Lennon & Jesus
Matisyahu's Revelation
Leigh Nash Flies Solo
Suzuki Fuels Kutless
Alice Remains Busy
Ghetto Music & Grits
P.O.D. Ankles Atlantic
Stapp's Skeletons
Stacy Orrico's Return
Bono Does Willow Creek
Matisyahu's Deep Connection
Madonna's Confessional
MTV's Black-Woman-On-A-Leash Problem
Leigh Nash Goes Solo
Evanescence Sober?
Leigh Nash Back In Blue
Best Friend Delilah
Alice Cooper Revives Classic Rock
MTV: Still Clueless After All These Years
Study: Sleazy Lyrics+Teens=Sleazy Behavior
Judge Dismisses 'Christian Rock Band' Suit
Switchfoot Cancels Summer Shows
Escape From Earth 'Going Places'
USA Today: Download A Song & Own It
The Elms: Rebels With A Cause
Christian-oriented Bands Call It Quits
Billy Graham on God & Rock
Switchfoot Attracts Teens

Free P.O.D. Show For Baseball Fans
Sufjan Stevens: The Dylan Of Anti-Folk
Dashboard Confessional: The Rolling Stone Interview
More M, Less TV?
Bono To Address Church Leaders
ohnny Lang Can't Help But Be Good
Dylan In The Attic
Derek Webb 'Reject(s) Religion'
Charlotte Church: Pope A Nazi
Sufjan, Phillips, Craig & Dean & Dylan: Navigating The Sacred & Secular
Sufjan: The Avalanche
Thrice: Ambitious
The Fray Takes Cable Car To Fame
Johnny Cash: Personal File
The Fray Roars: 'We don't call ourselves a Christian band. Because when you get into marketing, 'Christian' means that you have everything together, and you're always happy, and you want everybody to start going to your church'
Stapp: 'Surprisingly Strong Set'
Review: Nothing Is Sound
Fixing CCM
The Fray Steps Out
Switchfoot Looking For Cowbell Player
Pitchfork On Sufjan's Latest
The Not So Shocking Alice Cooper
Send Alice To The Hall Of Fame
From The Grave: Johnny Cash Record Tops The Charts
Dashboard Confessional Gasping For Faith
Ralph Stanley Roams
Madonna Losing Her Religion?
Sufjan's Avalanche
Gospel's Modern Sounds
Switchfoot Puts Disappointing Sales Behind Them: Focus On Next Record

Priest Sings Praises Of U2
Andrae Crouch Receives Award
The Mortal Truths Of The Man In Black
Baldwin vs. Bono
Country Music & God
For Sale: U2 Recording of Early Bible Study Meeting Surfaces
Monsters & Critics On Underoath
Al Green's Golden Touch
Stones' Keith Richards....'I Want Jesus To To Walk With Me'
Rockin' For Jesus
Alice Cooper, Father Figure
Rockers Underoath Make History: #2 Record In The Country; 97,000 Units Sold
Flyleaf Testifies: 'When I was about 16, I planned on killing myself that day that everything changed for me. And there was a miraculous sequence of events that happened to me, and then I knew that there was a God'
Bono On CNN
The Return of Charlie Peacock
Hip-Hop Goes To Church
Rock & Roll Reverend
Inside The World Of God Rock

What's Cool About Christians & Rock
The Afters Hit The Mainstream
The Ministry Of Hip Hop
Singing To Jesus: The Power Of Music

Sunday, Bloody Sunday, By George W. Bush
Escape From Earth's Friendly Energy
Bono's Politics
CT: Rock Un-Solid?
The Kingdom Of Rock Is At Hand
Collective Soul Finds Itself...Again
Scott Stapp Focuses On Music, Healing
Alice Cooper Raises The Roof
Who Hates Their MTV?
Carlozo Rides Again: Not All God-Rockers Suck
Robert Randolph: Top Sirloin
NRO: The Fifty Greatest Conservative Rock Songs Ever
Eisley & The Atmosphere Of God
Contact Music On Stapp Record: 'Sub-grunge-Lite World Of Mediocrity'
Scott Stapp Pop Quiz
Scott Stapp Sobers Up
Plugged In On Matisyahu: 'A Savior Short Of Being Christian Disc'
A Famile Affair
Switchfoot Going Slow On New Album
Run-DMC's Rev. Run Brings Tough Love
Cash's American V Tracks Revealed
Apple Launches 5th Generation U2 Ipod
Christians Who Rock
I Am A Music Critic Because....
God & Rock: Body Piercing Saved My Life
Reclaiming The Music
Hard Rockers Flyleaf Go Mainstream, With Christian Fan Base Behind Them
Modern Guitar Interviews Kansas Rocker Kerry Livgren
Relient K Comes Of Ag

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